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Welcome to Bullmastiff Country
Lutz's Little Samson 
Samson was the first bullmastiff we owned. He made us fall in love with the breed from the moment we laid eyes on him. He was the most beautiful and gentle giant we had ever seen. We knew then that bullmastiff puppies were like potato chips...we couldn't have just one! Which leads us to Dixie Girl....
Dixie Girl
Better known as just "girl", this is Lutz Country's sweetheart. Our Second bullmastiff child, she is as sweet as they come. She is patient and laid back and we couldn't love her more! She has had babies of her own, but our kiddos are her forever puppies - they have grown with one another and she really is the mother hen to them and to the other bullies living here. 
Our Little Bit 'O Honey
Better known as just "Honey", this is our wild child. She prefers to move to the beat of her own drum and is definitely free-spirited and loves exploring. She is like a greyhound when it comes to speed and definitely plays dirty. This little girl loves the creek and pond. Forget keeping her clean, because right after a good bath she'll head straight down to the creek to explore some more.
Roxie the Riveter
Just "Roxie" to us, this little pup is playful and sweet, and loves to follow you everywhere. She likes to pal around on the property with all the other dogs and enjoys being loved by anyone who has the time.
Rocky the Rock Dog
Rocky is the newest addition to the family, and obviously has the same good looks as Samson. He is always ready to play and always ready for a belly rub!